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Facebook Comment from Janice Oltman Ballard [2015-02-18 17:28:46]
One can never have too many baritones! ;)
Facebook Comment from Wade Berhow [2015-02-18 17:36:16]
Thers's my girl looking GOOD!!!
Facebook Comment from Diana Barker Latch [2015-02-18 17:47:27]
The "revised" Midnight Madness Quartet!. Thanks Joni Winterhof Klawitter for filling in!
Facebook Comment from Donna Heiderscheidt Gruis [2015-02-18 18:04:34]
Great day! The whole time we were singing that song I thought "why am I standing here with my hand in my pocket?" I took it out and next thing I knew it was there again. That's why we don't sing in comfy clothes ð³
Facebook Comment from John Donehower [2015-02-18 19:08:11]
You shouldn't have told the kids that you had a sub. They never would have known! Great Job!
Facebook Comment from Michelle Czarnecki [2015-02-18 22:41:40]
Awwe I miss u ladies!

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